Camping in the Sky on Designboom

Camping in the Sky on Designboom

We are so proud to have been published on Designboom

Camping in the Sky urban recreation concept by Flt-Office

“Camping in the Sky” is a conceptual urban architecture project by milan-based studio flt-office. Centered on the common outdoor activity, the design uses an archetypal skyscraper to vertically allocate spaces. this not only relocates the activity closer to home, but also allows multi-season accommodation.

The skyscraper utilizes a system derived from the “gennaker sail”, an asymmetrical system commonly used on racing boats. this ‘skin’ can be adjusted at any point in time, allowing for all weather patterns and temperatures, and more importantly: wind. “Camping in the Sky” also includes an integrated photovoltaic system and rainwater collection that it repurposed for irrigation needs. In lieu of a specially constructed structure, any abandoned building can be renovated to achieve similar effect.


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