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City of future

City of Future, an international architectural platform who looks for innovative sustainable projects, published our “Camping in the Sky”


Camping at the heart of a big metropolis such as New York may seem like a crazy idea, but that’s exactly what Milan-based architects Alessio Rava and Matteo Piccini of FLT-OFFICE propose with their project Camping in the Sky.

The starting point was to find a way that would not only economise the space that traditional campsites occupy, but also to bring them closer to the centre of cities. The solution? A vertical campsite within a Skyscraper.

“The idea of locating campgrounds in big cities within skyscrapers is a revolutionary ­way to achieve a number of benefits such as the vertical development of spaces that usually are located on huge horizontal areas outside the cities; the possibility to use campgrounds in both cold and mild weathers and lastly, the possibility to create for the first time in big cities, new accommodating services in which users can pay little money.”, said the architects in a press release.

The project team wanted to assure that this vertical campsite could be used both in winter and summer time, so they designed a skyscraper that quotes a “gennaker sail”.

“Just like boats hoist or lower sails according to the environmental conditions, this skyscraper employs a skin that can be adjusted according to the different seasons. We wanted to underline the climatically flexibility of the skyscraper through a specific design of the skin. During the cold season a heating system warms the building up obtaining a comfortable thermal environment.”, they explained.

“The idea of a building with two identities (winter mode and summer mode) creates a new kind of relationship between the building and the city: the skyscraper is a high mountain park in summer and a greenhouse in wintertime to protect users from cold temperatures”, added the architects.

The building comprises an organic photovoltaic system as well as a rainwater collection system for green areas irrigation. The rooftop can be used for concerts and events.

FLT-OFFICE also points out that this model does not require a new construction and can be easily replicated in any existing vertical building, such as an abandoned skyscraper.



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