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Milanese architecture and design company Flt-Office has come up with an ingenious new plan for campers. The futuristic project is called Camping in the Sky and the idea is that the designs will bring a touch of nature to the city. Their idea is that prospective holiday-makers would, “try to imagine that you are in Manhattan, and one morning you would wake up viewing the Empire State Building illuminated by the sun.” They added: “Try to imagine yourself surrounded by nature and try to think that you can stay and enjoy all this spending little money.”

The idea will work by locating campgrounds within skyscrapers. This really is camping with a view. The skyscrapers themselves will be shaped like the sail of a boat and holidaymakers will be able to hoist and adjust the sails to fit whatever is happening with the changing weather. It will also have an outer skin that will be able to be open or closed or even partially closed according to the wind direction. In fact, the structure will have two modes winter mode and summer mode.

There will be several levels that holidaymakers will nbe able to camp on – with plenty of green spaces on each one. It gets even more eco-friendly with the special rainwater collection system located on each floor, which will also be used to feed the green spaces. The idea comes from the New York trend of people setting up tents on their rooftops for their friends to stay in. The camping in the sky concept would be an incredible social venture and have lots of places to hang out.

The architects are also looking into reusing abandoned buildings for the campsites. It might not be the best for people with vertigo. But it’s certainly innovative and would be a very new and unusual play to stay.



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