Project Description

The idea to develop Guastalla 10 in a coworking space was born from the will to share a place, located in Milan city center, with other freelancers. Working together in a coworking place means being able to give enough space to everybody, to work on different projects independently, but, at the same time, to think that every space could be enjoyed together. Working with good results in a coworking space is easy if you are well prone to share time with people (that come from different fields) thinking that could be a good opportunity to improve yourself. For this reason we thought that was so important paying particular attention to common parts, though, without forgetting every individual habit of each of us. From the architectural point of view, we can say we tried to keep the strictness with which the building was constructed, choosing grayscale colors, using glass doors that enhance the light and thinking a refurbishment in a functional way. A mission for a coworking should be to give visibility to emerging talents: It would be, perhaps, the most desirable award for us.