Varna Regional Library

"varna needs a contemporary library and a new active public place in the centre of the city"


Project Description

The new Varna Library proposal is an eleven storey multifunctional building, accessible from different points including the municipal building. Main entrance is facing Blvd. Primoski with a new complex of plazas and green areas. Designed using durable materials with a minimum impact on city context, all levels are easily accessible for disabled people. Ground level has a lobby that welcomes visitors, a café accessible from the outside plaza and vertical connections for accessing upper levels. As well, a drop-off on Miladinovy St has been planned. On the north side is located a loading area connected to service stairs and elevator for book distribution. First level includes exhibition area and auditorium, upper levels are planned for library, offices and storage. Underground parking is developed in three levels, connected to library’s stairs and elevators with a vehicle connection to existing municipality parking plus a 24/7 pedestrian exit. Green roof and terraces are designed to prevent heat loss and geothermal energy is used to supply the building.

Project developed with Umberto Labate and Esteban Garcia Martinez Zurita